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Endou Yuuya x Yanagi Koutarou

Yanagi Kotaroh x Endou Yuuya fan community
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Tenimyu is a fangirl's dream: hot boys dancing on stage, sweating, and generally being, well, hot. After the first Tenimyu, however, a tragic accident rocked the fandom: Yanagi Kotaroh, the actor for the main role of Echizen Ryoma, was hit by a car and put in a coma. Drafted to replace him was one Endou Yuuya.

Thankfully, Yanagi was able to recover and has recently reclaimed his role as Ryoma, helped by the rest of the Tenimyu cast and his good friend Endou.

This is a community created to celebrate their relationship, which has officially been dubbed as "Ryomacest".

#1.) This is a slash/yaoi community. So don't bother joining if you don't like that kinda thing. DUH!

#2.) IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING NC-17 CONTENT: In accordance with LiveJournal's ToS, please mark all NC-17 fanfiction or images as so, and friends lock it. Thank you.

#3.) No fan wank/LJ drama/fights or anything of the sort, please. Take that elsewhere.

#4.) Please use LJ cuts for long posts or to cut off pictures. Even icons count as pictures. Put them behind a cut, PLEASE. This is mainly so you don't flood the comm, and people's friends pages.

#5.) Post anything as long as it is related to Endou Yuuya and/or Yanagi Kotaroh. RP Logs, fanart, fanfics, icons, etc.

A few banners made by the mods of Ryomacest.

We love Ryomacest ♥ Endou/Yanagi
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