Ya! I'm new here XD It's Wumei! Yoroshiku!

Anyway, just wanna ask, is there a place where got tonnes of pictures of Yuuya and Yanagi together? *_____*

Pretty please~
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hello, beloved comatose community!

sorry for spamming so much. <3.

my love for yuuya/yanagi... i dunno, suddenly arose from dormancy. this may be because i have a monstrous pile of textbook readings to do and i just don't want to do it, but also because my friend weirdlyyours wrote another drabble.

1000 cranes
in the perfect, structured world of math, best friends wouldn't only have a 50% chance of waking up from their comas.

and a lovely photoshoot scan from nerfracket didn't help either.
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pimping some fic again (formerly no_ori)

hello, this community is so dead OTZ
well, weirdlyyours wrote another fic: Kiss it Better !
it was posted on tenimyu_slash, so sorry if you've seen it already. it's adorable and makes me all happy and flail-y inside.

lately she hasn't been writing as much, thanks to the evils of senior year. however, since we are now (finally!) second semester seniors, everyone who enjoys her writing should join me in gently prodding her to write some more!

also, there are some really nice scans of yuuya/yanagi floating around online... i really like animemusicstore's scans. the one with the oranges is adorable.
FFX: Yuna/Sunset

[Mod] Challenge again.

Seeing as how we only have one entry into the contest and it's the deadline, I will strech the contest another week. Please this time, get your entries in before September 19th. Please enter people~! We need life in this community. ♥ But above all else, have fun writing!

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